Chenille upholstery is most famously known for its fuzzy feel and luxurious appearance, which is why many people prefer to use this upholstery on their sofas.

However, not every fabric is the same; each upholstery type demands various processes to ensure proper cleaning. Let’s explore the five tips for cleaning furniture with chenille upholstery.

Analyze Cleaning Label

Many fabrics and washable items will have a cleaning tag that you can use to determine your cleaning solutions. Upholsteries like chenille will have one of three cleaning codes, which are as follows:

  • “W” for Wet – This code refers to cleaning your upholstery with wet solutions like steam, hot water, or even water-based cleaning agents. The specific chenille fabric may be sensitive to harsh chemicals, so try to use more natural solutions for this type of code.
  • “S” for Solvent – If your chenille is marked with an “S,” that means it may be damaged if you utilize water-based products on it. Be sure to use solvent-based cleaners on your upholstery, such as Mrs. Meyer’s, Resolve, Bissell, and more.
  • “X” for No Cleaning – If your chenille upholstery cannot be cleaned, you can still choose to clean it for harsh stains, but it would be against the suggestion of the manufacturer. You can also still use cleaning methods like brushing and vacuuming.

Brush and Vacuum

Using a thick-bristled brush, brush through the upholstery’s fibers in the direction of the pile to remove dirt. Once the furniture is clear of any visible debris, use a vacuum with an appropriate attachment to further remove dirt and grime that may be sitting deep in the chenille.

This is something you can do regularly to prevent dirt buildup and maintain your upholstery’s appearance.

Spot Clean When Possible

The moment you notice a stain on your upholstery, try to spot clean it as soon as you can. The longer a stain sits on certain fabrics, the harder it’ll be to get it out. Be sure to look at the cleaning tag to ensure you can clean it; if you can, double-check which products would be best to get the stain out.

You can choose to use commercial cleaning agents or make your own at home. But try to spot clean a small area of the furniture first to avoid visible damage.

Let Dry Completely

Once you spot clean your chenille, you want to let it dry completely before using the furniture piece. It’s essential to do this because if the material is still wet, you can transfer dye from another fabric or object into the sensitive spot, creating more hassle.

Enlist Professional Help

Suppose your chenille upholstery has a stain that covers a large area of your furniture, and that stain isn’t going away with your cleaning products. In that case, you may need to enlist professional cleaning services to assist you.

Working with professionals can help ensure your chenille upholstery is properly cleaned with the right products and processes.

These five tips for cleaning furniture with chenille upholstery will help you maintain a clean home and furniture to match!

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