Are you surprised to read that your washing machine, an appliance you use to clean all kinds of linens, can actually get dirty? You would think that your washing machine is self-cleaning, as it is always bubbling up with detergent. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as that; this is why you need to clean your washing machine.

The Tray

The tray under your washing machine catches leaking water, protecting your home from any water damage. As the still water sits in your tray, bacteria and mold are bound to grow, which can transfer to your air supply. Mold can irritate your lungs and exacerbate underlying lung conditions, like asthma. This is why you need to clean your washing machine, as your health might be in jeopardy.

The Seal

The rubber seal that keeps your washing-machine door adequately closed is home to dirt, muck, and grime. The seal is a space with crevices and folds where water and moisture accumulate, leading to mold growth. Moreover, due to the wet and warm conditions, bacteria are bound to grow in these areas, causing unfavorable smells that can transfer to your clothing.

As you clean the seal, keep in mind that you should let it air dry now and then. If you close your door right after a wash, it is likely to grow mold and harmful bacteria, contributing to smelly clothing. Does all this information have you wondering what else in your house might need cleaning? Professional Home Cleaning, LLC, provides you with professional cleaning services to ease your worries.

The Filter

You may have forgotten that your washing machine has a filter, but you might never forget it once you see it. If you notice a mildew smell on your clothing no matter what you do, your filter might be at fault. The filter helps to keep your clothing clean by catching things like dirt or lint, and as such, the buildup is a given. Make sure to clean your filter at least once a month.