Although life as we know it has been uncertain, to say the least, the real estate market has been a buyer’s market. With that, realtors have been jumping on the opportunity to make sales and help their clients find new homes. However, we’ve all gone to a showing before where the house looks like it hasn’t seen cleaning in weeks, and nothing makes a buyer run faster. There are several reasons why realtors should use cleaning services—continue reading to learn more.

It’ll help you get more showings

The online pictures are the first impression potential buyers get of the home, and how the home looks in the pictures can make or break the showing. While you might take the pictures yourself, many realtors hire photographers, and the photographer’s job is simply to take pictures of the building and rooms. That’s it. They aren’t going to reorganize the place and make it look presentable; either you or the seller should’ve done that first. A professional cleaning service won’t necessarily organize the place, but they can guarantee a presentable home.

Everybody has a different definition of “clean”

You’re in the business of selling homes, and you’re probably really good at it, but that doesn’t mean you can clean a home. Realtors usually want the bare minimum done when it comes to cleaning the home, which is understandable, you don’t want to invest any more than you have to. However, they don’t understand that their definition of clean is much different than a professional cleaning service. A professional service will help you get the place looking better than ever.

Close that sale without unnecessary discounts

The average homeowner expects to do some cleaning in a new home. However, they don’t necessarily expect to buy a home and have to try and get stains out of the carpet or mold off the walls in the bathroom. In some cases, if the home is in rough shape, many buyers will ask for a discount because they’re going to have to hire a cleaning service themselves. As a realtor, you should develop a relationship with a cleaning service. They’ll likely give you a discount for bringing them return business on the homes you’re selling in the future.

Whether you think the place is “good enough” or you’re just trying to cut costs, you’re probably increasing your costs by not hiring a professional cleaning service. You wouldn’t want to move into a dirty home, and your clients shouldn’t have to either. That alone should be a good enough reason why realtors should use cleaning services.

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