As a landlord, you only make a profit when you have tenants. Ideally, you’ll retain tenants, but that’s not always possible. In between tenants, you need to make the property attractive to dependable renters. One way to do this is by having amenities like laundry, parking, and energy-efficient appliances. Another way is to have a clean property, but as a busy professional, we know you don’t have time to clean the property yourself. Instead, consider hiring a professional cleaning crew. If you’d like to learn more, we cover why landlords should hire a cleaning service below.

Tenants will want to live in your rental

When a tenant moves out, performing a deep clean of the property is in your own best interest. No one wants to live in someone else’s mess. Let’s be honest—some tenants are less than ideal. They might leave carpet stains, wall damage, bad smells, or even unwanted belongings, and no reliable renter wants to inherit those. When you’re showing the property, a clean and organized space is much more attractive to potential renters.

You’ll save time and money

We know landlords don’t have time to clean up after tenants, especially if you have multiple rental properties. Additionally, one of the most common complaints landlords receive from new tenants relates to cleanliness. Then the landlord must find a cleaning service (or do it themselves) on short notice. Having “rush orders” for cleaning crews can cost more money, and if you try to do the cleaning yourself, it takes you away from selling or investing in other properties. Sounds stressful, right? Having a partnership with a professional cleaning service will take care of all that stress for you.

Professional services do a better job than the average person

In our experience, we’ve found that most people aren’t experts at cleaning because they don’t know how to clean correctly. Additionally, a lot of individuals simply don’t like to clean. On the other hand, professional cleaning services know what they’re doing, and they take pride in doing a thorough job. In fact, your property will never look better once a professional cleaning crew gets through with it.

We know a vacant rental property is the last thing any landlord wants—every day it’s vacant is another day you’re losing money. To reiterate, a clean property is a more attractive property to new tenants, and that should be a good enough reason for landlords to hire a cleaning service.

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