We all enjoy hosting friends and family for dinner parties and other festive occasions. What’s less enjoyable is the tedious process of cleaning up the kitchen afterward.

Fortunately, having the right tools for the job makes the process much easier. You might be surprised to learn that when it comes to kitchen cleaning, having a few solid supplies is better than a massive arsenal of cleaning products.

Today, Professional Home Cleaning LLC, your move out cleaning  provider, shares the key kitchen cleaning supplies every minimalist homeowner should have.

Baking Soda: Cleans and Deodorizes

Use baking soda mixed with a splash of water for cleaning, deodorizing and making kitchen appliances sparkle like new. Use a moist sponge sprinkled with baking soda to clean countertops, sinks and water rings. Baking soda offers a mild abrasive action and some natural deodorizing properties. It’s definitely an excellent replacement for commercial scouring powders.

Lemon: Kills Germs and Mo ld

Lemon has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, and smells light and refreshing. Thanks to its citric acid content, it kills germs and mold. To use it, wipe lemon juice over tile and cutting boards to refresh them. The fruit also makes up the materials used by your move in cleaning expert. For tough cleaning requirements, contact the pros.

Bleach Spray: Disinfects

Mix bleach at a 1-to-10 ratio with water in a spray bottle. It will disinfect stainless steel surfaces and common household appliances. Bleach is a critical supply for any minimalist homeowner. It’s a common household item that truly works wonders. 

Busy families and professionals often lack time to keep up with necessary home maintenance. Yet they still desire to have a well-maintained home. This is where the maid services of Professional Home Cleaning, LLC. can help. We will ensure your home is sparkling clean. To learn more about the services we offer, give us a at (612) 888-9601 or fill out this contact form. Ask us for a free, no-obligation quote today! 

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