As homeowners leave one residence behind for another, they sometimes leave behind a little more than they should. This can prove troublesome for real estate agents, who may expect to show a clean, unfurnished home ready for move-in only to discover mold growth, dust bunnies on bookshelves, and caches of junk. What else do homeowners leave behind after they move, and what’s the best way to deal with it? We’ll take a closer look.

What Should Stay Behind

Homeowners can’t take everything with them when they go. Appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves are considered part of the purchase unless signed documents specify otherwise—in other words, departing homeowners can’t have an eleventh-hour change of heart and decide the fridge is coming with them. Transplanting is out of the question as well, as any plants homeowners put in the ground become as much a part of the property as the trees or patio. While the unlikely combination of microwaves and rosebushes falls under what must stay with the house, there are some items that should. Extra supplies that could come in handy for the new homeowner—backup window screens, furnace filters, spare globe bulbs for the bathroom vanity—can stay behind as long as they’re well stowed.

What Shouldn’t Be There

But not everything that could be useful should stay after the old homeowners have left. A long-forgotten spare can of paint, for instance, doesn’t do much good seven years after the purchase. The common occupants of garages and tool sheds, such as lawnmowers, snowblowers, and gardening tools, should leave the house one way or another. Most of all, homeowners should never leave behind dirt, dust, mold, and mildew. Though there’s no security deposit in play, courteous homeowners should take care to leave the house better than they found it. That means no science experiments in the refrigerator or bathtub.

What Realtors Should Do About It

Not all homeowners extend that courtesy. But a clean home free of all the unwanted remnants of residents past can close the deal for a real estate agent. Making sure the home features no signs of what homeowners leave behind after they move could mean the difference between prospective buyers taking the leap and looking elsewhere. Professional Home Cleaning offers move-out and move-in home cleaning services to manage the transition between residents. Our thorough work will ensure that you show every house at its absolute best, with no mold colonies, no grimy bathroom mirrors, and no boxes of unused shingles awaiting some DIY roofer. Contact us today.

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