You know nothing feels better than sitting down and admiring your home after you’ve spent hours dusting, wiping, and vacuuming. However, there are key areas that we tend to disregard when doing our daily, weekly, or monthly maintenance. When you sit down to relax and revel in your job well done, you want to feel assured that everything is spic and span—not just the areas you can immediately see. Here are the top neglected areas in the home that need cleaning.

The Couch

Although we spend hours on our couch, we may not give much thought to cleaning it. Sure, we might remove debris on the surfaces, but we must look deeper. Random things like socks, hair ties, and trash can easily fall into the cushions and under your couch, staying there for years. The next time you clean, check these areas. You might even find that remote you lost months ago.

The Vents

Vents are places in the home that most people don’t look at. However, once you notice the dust that can easily build up in them, you won’t be able to forget it. Getting on your hands and knees to clean these areas can take lots of time and energy you might not have to spare. That doesn’t mean you have to leave these areas covered in dust. This is where we come in. At Professional Home Cleaning, LLC, we provide professional home cleaning services with a highly trained staff that knows how to reach those easy-to-forget areas.

The Trimmings

Most houses will have baseboard trimming that adds a tailored look to a room. However, that look can easily become unkempt when disregarded. These trimmings are where dust loves to find a home. What’s more, trimmings are usually bright white, making the appearance of dirt much more noticeable, so it’s a good idea to wipe these areas down now and then.

The Walls

Washing the walls might seem outlandish, but this is one of the top neglected areas in the home that need cleaning. Dirty walls are things guests quickly notice and can contribute to an untidy appearance even if you spend hours cleaning your home. We might not see it, but we bump into our walls a lot. As such, it’s normal for our walls to have fingerprints, random marks, and dirt smudges.

The Lights

If you looked at your lighting right now, what would you see? Many of us might notice dust, dirt, and maybe even a cobweb or two. That is because lighting fixtures are usually in areas up high that we might not think to inspect. Therefore, make sure to hit these areas with a duster now and then.