If you were moving into a new rental, you’d want the place cleaned, right? Therefore, as the landlord, why wouldn’t you clean the place up before having your new tenant move in? Cleaning your rental as soon as the former tenant moves out allows you to prepare the rental for showings and get the most money for your space. Below we discuss some tips for cleaning rentals between tenants.

Your tenants should clean as much as possible

If you don’t already have a cleaning agreement with tenants, you should get one. Your tenants should be responsible and clean the place up to the best of their ability before moving. As you probably know, some tenants are better than others; some will even clean by themselves without you asking. At the same time, some tenants won’t clean without an incentive. Some landlords will offer the security deposit in return for cleaning as an incentive.

Complete any repairs and maintenance

Sometimes, it’s easier to perform any maintenance or repairs before cleaning, simply because these projects are often messy. Why would you want to clean more than you have to? Ideally, you should attend the move-out inspection to ensure the tenants maintained the space well and there aren’t any major repairs needed. However, once the tenants are out, you should take care of any repairs and basic maintenance first. Of course, repairs and maintenance are going to be on a case-by-case basis depending on how the tenants maintained the home in the first place. Most rentals will need a few things like fresh paint and cleaned floors, while others may need some more serious projects.

Hire a professional cleaning crew

Have the home cleaned by a professional move-in cleaning service. A professional cleaning service will have your entire space looking its best; after all, a clean rental is much easier to sell than a dirty one. Leave the cleaning to the professionals so your rental property will look spotless.

Whether your tenants just left or they’re on their way out in the coming weeks, you should have a cleaning plan. With these tips for cleaning rentals between tenants, your rental will be ready for the next occupant. Plus, you’ll be able to ask for more because your rental is move-in ready.

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