Tenants come and go. When it’s out with the old and in with the new for your rental property, you want all the old out. Go over our checklist for cleaning rental properties to make sure you don’t miss a spot.


This could be the first place where new tenants find remnants of their predecessors. And it’s the last place they’ll want to do so. Bathrooms arguably take on the hardest mileage in any dwelling, with high humidity and failing fixtures responsible for a great deal of complications, which means a few small repairs and some deep cleaning are likely necessary.

Flush your sink, bathtub, and toilet drains using a safe but effective combination of baking soda and vinegar that will send persistent clogs on their way without damaging plumbing or people. If you have hard water, use vinegar to break up mineral buildup on faucets.

Take care to clean mirrors and the medicine cabinets behind them. Has the prior tenant left any items behind? More importantly, have the items themselves left anything behind, such as rust rings where shaving cans once stood or other spills, smudges, and marks? Don’t forget to clean these surfaces thoroughly.

Mold and mildew are the scourge of every bathroom. Ensure that your new tenants don’t come across anything unsavory by scrubbing down every surface in the bathroom. Mold loves to set up shop along the caulking of bathtubs and showers, so you’ll probably want to re-caulk those areas as well.

The Kitchen

Much like bathrooms, the kitchen sees a lot of activity, during which tenants can unwittingly leave behind a mess.

Start with the refrigerator. Even fastidious folks can forget about what’s in the fridge, leading to the development of some unintentional and unconventional science projects. Don’t let new tenants discover the horrors of the Creature from the Black Bean Casserole or the Return of the Son of the Spilled Barbecue Sauce. Wipe down every last inch of your fridge and freezer’s interiors.

As you clean out the inside of the fridge, don’t forget what lies beneath—the coils that keep contents cool. Accumulated dust under the refrigerator can insulate the coils and cause them to stop working. Chances are your tenants were not diligent with this upkeep, leaving it on you to keep the fridge functioning.

The oven and stove can carry lots of memories of meals past. Erase those memories with baking soda and melamine foam before resorting to caustic oven cleaners. Don’t forget the microwave, which gets more daily work than the range in most households.

Bedrooms and the Living Room

Compared to the bathroom and kitchen, this almost seems easy. Vacuuming, mopping, and sweeping should take care of most residual dust and clutter. If you have ceiling fans, don’t forget to dust the blades and make sure the windows have the same streakless shine you gave to the bathroom mirrors.

In all candor, a checklist for cleaning rental properties can run awfully long—too long for you to check off yourself. Instead, turn it over to our move-out deep cleaning services that can get rental properties ready with the director’s cut of cleaning checklists.

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