Is there anything more frustrating than cleaning your entire home only to find that you missed some crucial spots? Doing something like this is completely normal, as we might tend to forget areas we don’t inspect often. However, it’s important to know them so that your home remains clean and free of dust irritants. Find out the top places that dust bunnies hide out in your home.

Under Furniture

One of the most popular places where dust bunnies will seek solace is underneath your furniture. If you take a peak under your couch or bed, you might have two or three right now. That’s because this is a space we don’t usually pay attention to. However, you should check beneath your furniture periodically because it can even harbor things like spider webs and insect eggs.


You’ve likely noticed dust buildup on your lampshades. You might think removing dust from those lampshades will be impossible, as it can be challenging to remove dust from fabric since it tends to stick. It helps to use the brush end of a vacuum to remove all the unsightly debris.

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Plants are the last objects you may scrutinize, but they’re actually among the top places dust bunnies hide out in. Next time you’re watering your plants, double-check for any dust or cobwebs on the leaves or flowers.


Owning a home library is incredibly fun, but even the most avid reader will find a dust bunny or two lying on their bookshelves. Now and then, it helps to take a feather duster to your bookshelves and the tops of your books..


It may seem odd, given that your drawers tend to remain closed most of the time. However, it’s beyond easy for dust to build up in these areas, making your clothes dirty. Remove your clothes from the drawers, pat dust out, and clean your shelves to prevent further buildup.