Clichés are tiresome. “Take it one step at a time.” “A stitch in time saves nine.” Threadbare as they may be, there’s truth in those words. You’ve heard of “pay-as-you-go,” the principle that encompasses everything from prepaid mobile phones to congressional spending. Today, we’ll look at the clean-as-you-go method, and why it works so well in keeping your home clean and keeping your workload manageable.

What It Means

Fortunately, this is an intuitive approach. Cleaning as you go simply means that you clean up a mess as soon as you finish making it, rather than waiting until the end of the night or the end of the week to handle it. This can encompass everything from timely laundry to washing the dishes after meals to straightening up messy bedrooms before bed.

Why Clean as You Go?

Preventing messes from piling up seems like more work than waiting to clean in one fell swoop, but this doesn’t account for the daunting nature of a true domestic mess. Take, for instance, the bathroom—the poster child for continual cleaning. You can neglect to clean your drain for days, figuring that a slow drain isn’t really an urgent problem. Days become weeks and weeks become months, and before you know it, you’re standing in several inches of water at the end of your shower—and the water keeps standing there hours later. Now you have much more work on your hands than you would have if you had broken up the clog sooner. The same goes for carpets that get so dirty that the vacuum can’t pick everything up, or mold colonies in the basement that grow out of control.

When you clean as you go, you face less stress. We don’t have the scientific polling data to back it up, but it certainly feels true that at least nine out of ten moms have no bigger pet peeve than dirty dishes piling up in the sink overnight. When a state of uncleanliness is the baseline, it affects our mental health. The responsibility of cleaning as we go may seem stressful, but it leaves us with the peace of mind to enjoy our homes to the fullest.

What’s Next

Having come to understand the clean-as-you-go method and why it works so well, you’re probably thinking of switching to this approach. Do you need to do a hard reset on your home’s cleanliness first? Professional Home Cleaning brings professional residential cleaning services to the Twin Cities and nearby suburbs, offering not only move-out cleaning for outgoing homeowners and move-in cleaning for new arrivals, but also deep cleans for residents who aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Once you have a fresh start on cleanliness at home, it’ll be easy to clean as you go from that point forward.

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