When you have company over, it may be easy to say, “Don’t worry about your shoes!” But what you may not know is how filthy their shoes may be.

Or perhaps you forgot something at home on the way to work, so you run inside—with your shoes on—retrieve the item, and go. Let’s discuss a few important reasons to take off your shoes upon entering your home.

Shoes Are Bacteria-Ridden

If you think about it, our shoes touch millions of different surfaces, all of which are also touched by millions of other shoes that have touched a million more surfaces. In fact, some experts say that shoe soles are dirtier than toilet seats—which can get pretty dirty!

When you walk in your home with shoes that you wore outside, you may be bringing the bacteria your shoes collected into your home. Additionally, if you decide to take your shoes off at some point, your feet will be touching the bacteria, and you will bring the germs into bed with you.

Bacteria can spread very easily, so it’s important to be mindful of taking your shoes off as soon as you walk through the door.

Going Without Shoes Improves Muscles

When you don’t wear shoes, your muscles and tendons work even harder to ensure proper balance and strength for various activities. Walking barefoot can assist the supportive muscles and enable more flexibility and mobility.

Furthermore, when you wear shoes too often without giving your feet a break, your muscles may begin to solely rely on the shoe for support, making it hard to achieve muscle health.

They Track Dirt Throughout the Home

Similar to tracking bacteria into your home, your shoes carry dirt and debris that you’re sprinkling through your home each time you keep your shoes on. If your floors seem to get dirty rather quickly, you may be in need of a maid cleaning service.

At Professional Home Cleaning LLC, we handpick our professionals to ensure an honest, detailed cleaning service.

By understanding the above reasons to take off your shoes upon entering your home, you will have a cleaner home and better health! If you must have shoes on in your home, try keeping a pair that you only wear indoors.

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