Having your carpet cleaned is a task that many people may not consider doing on an annual basis. However, washing your carpet every 12 to 18 months is the standard to keep things fresh. Cleaning your carpet isn’t the most straightforward task, but knowing the mistakes to avoid when shampooing your carpet will simplify the entire process.

Choosing the Wrong Machine

Sometimes, selecting a suitable machine causes uncertainty. The amount of time you will spend on your project will determine your decision on buying or renting a machine. If you plan on the job lasting only one day, renting the equipment is typically the best decision. Additionally, make sure you use the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) equipment that your machine requires. Do not try to mix chemicals that aren’t compatible with the system.

Failing To Pre-Clean

Once you get our shampoo machine, you may immediately have the itch to scrub the rug immediately. However, a quick run-through with the vacuum prevents any potential disasters. A good vacuuming will loosen carpet fibers and minimize the dirt that’s trapped in the rug, making it easier to use your device. Lastly, a final walkthrough will let you pick up large items like coins or paperclips that may damage the cleaner.

Not Following Directions

A common mistake people make with many things in life is not reading the instructions. You need to pay attention to the limits of the two tanks that are on the appliance. The carpet may take too long to dry if you push things past their limits.

Ignoring Helpful Hints

Many people forget three specific practices: testing the hot water extractor on an inconsequential part of the home, not using hot water to clean natural materials, and continuously hammering the water button. Experiment with the extractor to make sure it will not affect the fabric and cause destruction. For cleaning natural materials, use cold water, as it keeps the carpet from shrinking. Last, be aware that continuously hitting the water button may soak things so much that the drying time increases.

Lacking Patience

The most challenging part of the process involves having the patience to let it all dry. Most professionals say that a recently cleaned rug or carpet will take four to six hours to dry, but that depends on many factors. The size of the area, ventilation, and how much water you extract may cause the process to last as long as a whole day. If you move wood furniture back into place before things are dry, it may damage the legs of the furniture.

With these mistakes to avoid when shampooing your carpet fresh in your mind, you may realize that enlisting the experts to complete this feat ensures the quality you seek. If you are looking for the best professional home cleaning in Minnesota , reach out to Professional Cleaning. Our highly trained staff will have your carpet looking fresh and clean.

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