House Cleaning Services in Maple Grove, MN

As the Twin Cities region continues to grow, Maple Grove—just ten miles northwest of Minneapolis—is experiencing much of that growth too. Luckily for these Minneapolis suburbanites, Professional Home Cleaning offers professional house cleaning services for those in Maple Grove, MN, who insist on having only the most thorough and exacting home cleaning services.

While our cleaning professionals draw upon years of experience in the field, their cleaning regimens are anything but routine. Every house—and every household—is different, and our cleaning crews understand this. Before beginning, they will consult with you on any special instructions your home requires, such as refraining from using cleaning products to which residents have allergic reactions or pointing out areas of the home that may require additional attention. Aspects of your home that can benefit from our professional residential cleaning services include:

With the area’s wide-open spaces and ample room for new developments, many new residents of Maple Grove are their new homes’ first occupants. At first, this sounds alluring—no messes to inherit. However, even in a brand-new home, you need the pros to give you a clean slate. To put the finishing touches on new construction by mitigating any volatile organic compounds present in building materials, Professional Home Cleaning offers move-in cleaning services. These will give your future home the deep clean it needs to properly welcome you through its doors. Our comprehensive move-in cleaning is just as effective for older homes, as well. And if you or your tenants are departing Maple Grove for elsewhere in the Cities or beyond, our move-out cleaning services will leave behind an immaculate residence for the next inhabitant.


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As a local and family-owned business, Professional Home Cleaning proudly provides house cleaning services to Maple Grove, MN, and much of the Twin Cities region. Offering both as-needed and recurring cleaning services, we tackle Maple Grove house cleaning in any situation. For more information, including a complimentary quote, call us at 612-888-9601 or submit a form online.


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