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Living Room Cleaning Services

Your living or family room is a gathering space most people in your home spend time in. Whether you’re relaxing with family or hosting a gathering, it’s important to create an inviting environment. As such, you should keep it as clean as possible with professional living room cleaning services.

Living And Family Rooms Cleaning Services

Professional Home Cleaning LLC helps you achieve this with specialized living and family room cleaning assistance. We pay attention to every inch of your living and family room areas for a spotless clean that will give you peace of mind. When we clean your home, our living room cleaning services include the following tasks:

  • Hand-wipe all the flat areas 
  • Hand-wipe the doors and door frames 
  • Dust picture frames 
  • Dust ceiling 
  • Dust ceiling fans 
  • Dust lampshades 
  • Clean the window seals 
  • Hand-wipe baseboards 
  • Vacuum carpet edges 
  • Vacuum stairs 
  • Vacuum and mop floors 
  • Remove cobwebs and dust the entire area 
  • Vacuum empty closet floors 
  • Clean the areas under the furniture 
  • Dust and hand-wipe the ledges and blinds

A Healthy Home Is a Happy Home

As a family-owned business, we care about the health and well-being of your family. A clean environment and your health are synonymous. Dust, dirt build-up, debris and unsanitized surfaces can negatively impact your mood and health. It’s our mission at Professional Home Cleaning LLC to provide house cleaning services that not only look good, but make you feel good as well. This especially matters in common areas like the living room, where people gather on a day-to-day basis.

Schedule Your Cleaning Services With Experienced Professionals

Professional Home Cleaning LLC is dedicated to making your home the best it can be. That’s why we provide meticulous and thorough services that go beyond just surface cleaning. For more information on our living room cleaning services, or our other house cleaning offers, call (612) 743-7910 or fill out our online form. You can also request a free, no-obligation quote for any service.


"My family and I really appreciate the effort in making our home look cleaner than ever! Thank you Professional Home Cleaning"

Richard Harris
April 16, 2019

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