It is easy for us to forget that our furry friends can react differently to certain chemicals in our products. Something that is completely safe for our human bodies can be harmful to our pets. With the warm weather finally here, you are likely antsy to open up your windows, pat your pillows, and start with a deep clean. Before you crank up the tunes at eight o’clock in the morning to wake up the whole house on a Saturday, it is crucial you are aware of the household cleaning products that are not safe for pets.


If you frequently use de-odorizing products like carpet or linen sprays, then this is something you should avoid with pets. Although they smell wonderful and come in so many amazing scents, some air fresheners contain chemicals that are toxic to our pets. Over time, the harmful chemicals in these products can cause medical problems in our furry friends like liver, kidney, and reproductive issues. The best part about cleaning is making everything smell good, but it is not worth the health of our pets. Try using natural alternatives or opening your windows frequently.


Bleach is chlorine diluted in water, and is often a multipurpose cleaner in the household. Whether you are disinfecting a surface or brightening your whites, bleach is one of the most common household cleaning products that is unsafe for pets. Bleach is a dangerous chemical with a powerful scent that can attract your pet. Inhaling this scent excessively can result in serious side effects like kidney damage and pneumonia in your furry friend.


Ammonia is a chemical commonly found in products that clean and disinfect surfaces like countertops, tables, and floors. If your pet is prone to licking the floors or jumping on counters, this is a chemical that you should use with care. While this cleaner is undoubtedly useful for many purposes, it is toxic to pets when ingested.

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