Moving out and transitioning to a new home is exciting! Of course, we all know the dreaded sound of a glass breaking inside of a box we thought we packed tightly, but we’re here to help you avoid that and protect your fragile items. Here are a few essential packing tips for fragile items you can use when packing your belongings.

Use Dividers

Placing dividers between your glassware can prevent the dishes from moving around in the box. Try organizing the dishware by size to keep the sections as even as possible. You can purchase separate dividers online or use a packing box with built-in walls.

Your glassware is often the most fragile, so be sure to use extra precaution when packing them, and ensure that each dish has a place in the box.

Pack the Heaviest Item First

A great tip to ensure the safety of your fragile items is to pack the heaviest item on the bottom of the box. Provide additional cushion by placing something soft, like a towel or blanket, in the box before filling it with the heaviest objects.

By packing the heavy items first, you ensure that your fragile items won’t cave under the weight of the more oversized ones.

Use Quality Boxes

When you pack fragile items in flimsy boxes, you put your items at risk of damage due to mishandling. Ensure you’re using a thick, sturdy box that can withstand pressure.

Properly Mark Your Boxes

One of the most common mistakes people make when packing is mislabeling their boxes. If you pack a box with gaming systems and accidentally label it “desk supplies,” someone may place it under heavier objects and damage the systems unintentionally.

As soon as you finish packing and taping a box, label it right away so that you won’t need to reopen it until you arrive at your new home.

Take Your Time

Moving can be a stressful and sometimes rushed process. Perhaps the most crucial tip when packing and moving to a new location is to take your time. Try to set time aside to wrap each fragile item individually to ensure its protection.

Now that you have everything packed, it may be an excellent time to clean your home to return it to its previous condition. If you’re moving out of an apartment, utilizing move-out deep cleaning services may help you get your security deposit back!

Utilizing these essential packing tips for fragile items will ensure that your items will be in tip-top shape when you finally arrive at your new home.

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