If you love to keep a tidy and clean home, you know there is nothing more frustrating than noticing dust particles on your furniture. Dust is so easy to see, whether against the backdrop of a black tv stand or on mahogany, and it’s needlessly persistent. Unfortunately, dust results from human existence, and thus we can’t eradicate it completely. Fortunately, you can rely on many ways to easily reduce the dust accumulating in your home.

Dust Galore

If you find yourself having to dust every day despite your best efforts, it’s reasonable to wonder what dust is. It may give you the creepy crawlies, but dust is really an accumulation of our dead skin cells, hair, fur, dust mites, and bacteria. Unfortunately, that list is not exhaustive, and pretty much everything in the home has some form of dust on it. Still, there are some easy ways to reduce the dust from accumulating in your home.

Form a Habit

Dust comes from all places in our homes, which means we must consistently clean—especially our linens and floors. Try to form the habit of washing your sheets, sweeping, and mopping the floors on a regular basis. These areas are where most dust comes from, and as such, consistently cleaning them will help do away with dust buildup.

Even if you have formed the habit of cleaning regularly, life can get in the way and make it harder to keep up with your schedule. At Professional Home Cleaning, we offer a maid cleaning service to help you continue the battle against the dust bunnies.

Use an Air Purifier

It is not impossible to reduce the amount of dust in your home—all it takes is just a little effort! A practical and energy-saving way to reduce dust is by using an air purifier! However, keep in mind that many different types of filters serve various purposes. If your goal is to reduce dust mites, we recommend using a HEPA or ultra-HEPA filter, as these filters are highly effective in trapping the tiniest of particles that linger in your air.