“I’ll do anything for love, but I won’t do that,” goes the classic song. Here in the cleaning business, our professionals will do a lot for immaculate cleanliness in your home, but everyone has to draw the line somewhere. When a task places the safety and security of people or property in jeopardy, even comprehensive cleaning services must declare it off-limits. Before you consider our services or those of any cleaning service, be aware of these common house cleaning service limitations.

Antiques, Rare Books, Art, and Collectibles

Your most valuable possessions, whether they’re on the bookshelf, in the china cabinet, or up on the wall, lie beyond the scope of general professional cleaners. Cleaning fine art is a precarious endeavor—one that requires the delicate touch of a specialist. Even the act of dusting artwork or delicate books could be more than fragile items can handle, causing irreparable damage despite good intentions. If you have valuables and family heirlooms in your home, consult with your cleaning service to determine what they can and can’t clean.

High Corners and Hanging Lights

Our cleaning experts come equipped with tools for cleaning with an extended reach. However, if your high ceilings still exceed that reach, deploying ladders is out of the question. Cleaning services typically limit themselves to two-step footstools for elevation—anything more than that, such as the ladder you keep in your garage for getting up on the roof, represents a liability that cleaning services and insurers alike are unwilling to take on.

Mold Remediation

While professional home cleaners have cleaned up some dirty bathrooms in their time, mold colonies require mold specialists. “Pink mold,” a colony of bacteria that often stains tile grout with a characteristic reddish tinge, is within the capabilities of cleaning services, but rampant black mold and the products we need to clean them represent allergic and irritant hazards that rule out dealing with them as part of a normal course of cleaning.


Bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, mice, and other pests who make themselves unwanted houseguests are equally unwanted by cleaning services. When it comes to personal protective equipment, coming prepared to clean is nothing like coming prepared to exterminate. In extreme cases, firms such as ours may not be able to perform cleaning duties until homeowners have dealt with all infestations.

That Being Said…

While there are many common house cleaning service limitations you should know, there are still many tasks that a professional cleaning service can perform for you. Professional Home Cleaning provides professional maid cleaning services to the Twin Cities and many of their suburbs, administering thorough cleaning when you can’t make the time for it. Ultimately, the respect we show for your valuable belongings and chandeliers isn’t a limitation of our service—it’s a feature.

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