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Removing Paint From Window Glass

It’s difficult to remove paint from any surface, including glass. Once the paint dries, you can’t just wipe it off with a wet rag. Unfortunately, regular paint removers won’t typically work on dried-up paint, and professional cleaning services often aren’t equipped to remove the unwanted paint either. Fortunately, Professional Home Cleaning, LLC is here with some tips.

Scrub the Window Surface

If the window in question is in the bathroom, it’s best to remove the paint before proceeding with the rest of the bathroom cleaning as the paint removal process can leave behind some residue. Start by preparing a safety razor blade, dishwashing liquid, bucket, cloth and cleaning pad. Mix warm water and some dishwashing liquid until it becomes sudsy. Soak the cleaning pad in the solution and use it to scrub dirt and grime off the surface of the window. Then, rinse the window.

Scrape Away the Paint

Wet the window again with the dishwashing solution. Holding the razor blade at a 45-degree angle, use careful and gentle strokes to scrape the paint away. The glass should be wet while you are scraping; otherwise, you may scratch the glass. Use lots of the solution to make the paint stick together; it’s easier to scrape than smaller flaked pieces.

Warning: using razors can be dangerous. As with any project, always observe the proper precautions. If you have any doubts about what you’re doing, it’s best to leave the job to an experienced professional.

Be Careful Not to Scratch the Glass

If you see scratches, there may be imperfections in the glass. Either stop the job or apply even more solution and proceed with extreme caution. Always push your blade forward and lift it from the glass as you finish. Don’t drag the blade across the glass in a backstroke. Professional Home Cleaning LLC suggests another way to prevent scratching the glass: Spray your razor blade with glass cleaner before scraping until all the paint is gone.

Worried about cleaning paint from your window glass on your own? Professional Home Cleaning, LLC provides expert cleaning services for all areas of the home, including kitchen cleaning, to ensure your home is sparkling clean at all times. Call us today at (612) 743-7910 or fill out this contact form for a free, no-obligation quote.


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