Cleaning your home is no easy task. Unfortunately, many homeowners make things harder for themselves by buying into baseless myths about the best way to clean.

In this post,  kitchen cleaning  experts from Professional Home Cleaning LLC reveals the truth behind seven common home cleaning myths.

Myth 1: Polish Your Wooden Furniture Weekly  – While it’s natural to want your wooden furniture to shine like new, you should only polish wood items occasionally. Applying too much polish or wax can actually lead to build up and can make your furniture look more dull. Instead of polishing, just use a wet cloth to clean your furniture.

Myth 2: Avoid Professional Carpet Cleaners  – Some people avoid having professional carpet cleaners clean their carpet out of fear that it will shrink the carpet. The truth is experienced professional carpet  cleaning services  will know how to clean your carpet without any negative effects, especially if you have a newer, modern carpet in your home.

Myth 3: Bleach = Cleanliness  – Bleach doesn’t actually clean it all. While it can disinfect, kill germs, and whiten any stains on fabrics, it can’t remove dirt and grime away from surfaces like your bathtub.

Myth 4: Lemons and Coffee Grounds to Clean the Garbage Disposal  – Putting lemon peels in your garbage disposal can give it a fresh smell, but won’t actually clean it. Coffee grounds, on the other hand, should never be put in the disposal. They can clog your kitchen pipes and wreak havoc on your septic system.

Myth 5: Use Newspapers for Streak-Free Glass  – This myth actually has a nugget of truth to it; in olden times, it was okay to use newspapers to clean windows and mirrors without leaving any streaks. Unfortunately, modern newspapers are made of different materials that can leave streaks on your mirrors and windows. Instead, use rubbing alcohol or a glass cleaner with a microfiber cloth to avoid streaking.

Myth 6: Hairspray Can Remove Ink  – Removing ink stains from clothing is hard. There’s a popular myth that hairspray can help remove these stains. Like the newspaper myth, this has some truth to it as hairspray used to be made with alcohol. However, hairspray nowadays does not contain alcohol, so it’s no longer a viable solution.

Myth 7: Feather Dusters  – Feather dusters don’t actually do much dusting. In fact, they tend to just spread the dust around. Instead of using a feather duster, consider using a vacuum with a nozzle attachment to rid your home of any dust problems.

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