Many of us see moving into a new place as starting a clean slate. So when you walk into your new home to notice that the slate isn’t as clean as you thought it’d be, it’s normal to feel a little down. However, you can still have your new beginning as long as you know the different overlooked areas you should clean before moving in.

Ceiling Lights

Ceiling light fixtures are tricky to clean as they tend to be in hard-to-reach areas. Moreover, these lights usually require disassembly if you want to get those dusty areas. Cleaning your ceiling lights will make things look brighter and make you feel better. To clean your lights, use a wet rag with some soap to wipe off the dust, and let them dry completely before installing them again.

Fan Blades and Vents

You might find yourself sneezing upon arrival at your new home. This sneezing could be due in part to dirty fan blades sprinkling your home with dust. Moreover, your air vents could be a culprit, as these areas are prone to harboring sneeze-inducing dust. Cleaning your blades and vents is similar to cleaning your lights: use a wet rag with soapy water.

Top of Cupboards

Yes, even the top of your cupboards can get dirty. As you cook, the steam and oils rise to the top of your kitchen, which results in a sticky, dusty film that settles on your cupboards. To remove this grime, you’ll need soap and a sponge to scrub it away.

Window Tracks

You have likely gone to open your windows for some fresh air and to enjoy the view, only to find yourself taken aback by the unsightly dust build-up on your window tracks. We rarely think to clean our window tracks, which is why they are one of the most overlooked areas you should clean before moving in. But your tracks are in an area that many people tend to notice, as they are usually in one’s line of sight when sitting, so ensure you clean them.

Moving is incredibly overwhelming. So when you add the extra labor of having to clean your entire house before you can even begin the unpacking process, that task can seem insurmountable. Thankfully, you can rely on Professional Home Cleaning to help you do the job. We offer a new home deep cleaning service to help ease the stress of moving in so that you can focus more on creating a happy home with many memories to come.